Sunday, February 14, 2010

~Valentines Day~

For Valentine's Day this year Lane got the kids and me some yummy candy and chocolates, plus a little something fun for Ian to play with.

Friday, February 5, 2010

~Jarom's 6th Birthday~

February 5th and 6th, 2010

Jarom wanted a Nintendo DS for Christmas and so we made him the same deal that we made the girls last year, a DS in exchange for the expense of a Birthday Party. So nothing fancy this year, just family, presents and a home-made cake, and that was fine with him.... as you can see in the pictures he had a great birthday! He opened the presents from us on Friday evening and then we took him to the restaurant of his choice....Golden Corral, where he took a bite of sausage especially for Grandma Beardslee 'cause she told him to! Jarom loves helping me in the kitchen, so making his birthday cake was an extra special experience.
We took the cake over to Grandma and Grandpa Gladden's to eat with the family after Saturday lunch, and then we took all the cousins to McDonald's to play on the play land and eat ice cream. (Unfortunately, the ice cream machine was broken) Jarom opened his presents from the cousins at McDonald's, and had a surprise visit from Brad and Tanner Dudney (our neighbors) plus a little girl named Ireland from his class just happened to be there too. He loves the skateboard Grandma Beardslee gave him, and the DS game 'Drawn to Life' from us, and he can't wait to go to the store and spend all the birthday money he collected! I can't believe he's growing up so fast, already 6, and such an amazingly good boy too. How did we get so lucky? I love this kid so much!

Here's a little video of him learning how to skateboard, just click on the video below to make it play!