Wednesday, March 24, 2010

{Spring Break in Albuquerque}

March 20th - 24th, 2010

Our vacation started off Saturday morning when we went to the Children's Science Museum in Albuquerque before checking in to our hotel room. Everyone had a great time, but it was especially fun watching Ian discover everything for the first time. Jarom had a blast building a tall tube tower out of PVC pipes. Ian loved playing with the balls in the kiddy area, and watching the balls on the ball machine, no big surprise there and Paige and Maddi liked hanging out in the hall of mirrors....just like the typical pre-teen girls that they are! Sunday morning we got up early and went to church at one of the Albuquerque Wards, then we drove over to see the Temple. It was freezing, but everyone was such a good sport, letting me get a few quick pictures before jumping back into the warm van. The fountain even cooperated by staying on just long enough for me to snap a couple of pictures before it turned off! It was so great having Deanne, Ned, Nick, Izzy, & Cadan in Albuquerque with us. Our kids had so much fun running around the hotel and swimming together. Monday we went to the Albuquerque Zoo with Deanne, Izzy and Cadan. We watched as the Polar Bears nudged and carried a huge white block to the top of their enclosement and then threw it over the edge, only to go back down and start pushing it up again! It was amazing. Ian loved being outside and seeing all the animals, but the peacocks were his favorites.
Tuesday we decided to find a Putt-Putt Golf place and Arcade. Maddi and Paige both won big on Deal or No Deal, but Jarom actually had the 200 ticket case, unfortunately he decided to make a deal
and only got 125 tickets.

After that we went to the mall so the kids could spend their allowances and then it was off to see a movie. The girls and Lane saw "New Moon" while Jarom and I went to see "Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Squeakuel" with Deanne, Cadan and Izzy. In an amazing coincidence, John and Sandy were staying at our hotel too. John had a dr.'s appointment and they came down a day early to relax a little. So on Wednesday before heading home we went to the Aquarium with John and Sandy. The kids love spending time with their grandparents and this kind of one on one thing doesn't happen very often, making it all that much more special. This was one of the best Albuquerque trips we've ever had, if only I hadn't had a killer sore throat that caused me to spend half of the day at Urgent Care....but then again, it wouldn't be a family vacation if something unexpected didn't happen!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

~Ian's First Birthday~

Ian's first Birthday was so much fun!
Everyone came to wish him happy birthday, and to give him presents. No big surprise, he got LOTS of balls, his favorite toy! We decorated the house in a sports ball theme and got a cake to match. After a few pictures we gave Ian his cake and waited for him to dive in, but he was a little hesitant and needed a nudge from daddy. (click on the video below to see him eating his cake!)Ian was sooooo tired and could barely stay awake....until the sugar rush hit and then he really started having fun! He loved the helium balloons and the horns that everyone kept blowing, Ian's first birthday was just perfect.