Thursday, May 13, 2010

{Ian's Lunch}

May 13, 2010
This afternoon, I put Ian in his "Little Chair" to eat his spinach & cheese raviolies, and I thought "Hey, I wonder what he'd do with a fork?" So just for fun I gave him his own fork and this is what he did with it! (click on the video below to make it start playing)

Ian's so much fun to be with! He is such a sweet, funny little baby, and each day he's learning and doing so many new things so much faster than I remember the other kids doing them. I don't know how I can possibly keep up with him...but I'll try to slow us down so we can savor these little moments.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

{National Junior Honor Society}

May 4, 2010
Because of her OUTSTANDING grades and AMAZING personality Paige was nominated by her teachers for the "National Jr. Honor Society", and her induction ceremony was tonight. After much fussing about what to wear and how to fix her hair, she was finally ready to the dress Mom picked and the hair Mom curled...because some events are so important that Mom gets to exercise her full veto power! So I said "NO" to the pants and ponytail. But that's okay, because she wasn't the only one in a dress or the only one with fancy hair as she so gloomily predicted. (I guess lots of other Moms used their veto power tonight too.)
At the end of the evening I got this great picture of her with her certificate, and then I took her to Cold Stone for a little celebratory ice-cream. We weren't the only ones celebrating, it seemed like everyone from the ceremony had the same idea. We stood in line for 25 minutes, but it really didn't feel like that long because we had good friends to chat with while we were waiting. Lane and I are both so proud of Paige, not only for having the good grades to qualify for Honor Society, but also for being the kind of young woman that her teachers would recommend!