Sunday, April 4, 2010


April 4, 2010

The Easter Bunny usually comes to our house while we're at Church, but this year we have Sacrament Meeting at 11:00, so he came while we were sleeping last night. He's such a rascal, he always hides the kid's baskets...but I don't think they mind! However,this year the Easter Bunny stacked the goodies WAY too high in their baskets, and when Paige picked hers up her glass piggy bank slid off and broke all over the kitchen floor. She was so sad, then mommy told her she could go to the store and pick out any piggy bank she wanted......but after she saw the "Twilight" t-shirt she forgot about everything else! Jarom was really excited to break open his plastic eggs so he could start eating his candy, at first Ian loved playing with the little chocolate eggs and jellybeans. He'd put them in his basket and then take them out again, but once Ian realized that those little balls had CANDY in them he only wanted to put them in his mouth! (click on this video to see him playing with his candy)He loves his little green frog, if you hold it in the palm of your hand the frog makes a 'ribbiting' sound. I think every one's favorite thing was the big chocolate bunny, even if it was hollow.
I'm so glad my kids have their priorities straight, even though they're always super excited to be getting new stuff and lots of candy...who wouldn't be?...they understand that the real reason we celebrate Easter is because of the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I'm so very thankful that as it became time to get ready for Church this morning, our kids happily put their new things to the side, cleaned up their candy and all that ridiculous Easter grass, and then they started getting dressed without any complaints. They are amazing!

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